Who is RKB Design?


Hi, I’m Rohan, and RKB Design is my freelance Graphic Design business based in Olton, Solihull UK. I am originally from Australia, (I haven’t touched sandpaper for years though I promise) where I was trained and achieved a Bachelor of Visual Arts and a Diploma in Graphic Design.

I pride myself in being a hard worker and will not stop until I achieve my goals, and when you decide to get me working for you, I won’t stop until you are 110% happy.



What does RKB Design do?


In short… ANYTHING!

Nearly any form of a companies visual presence in the world has been designed.
Wether it is a simple one off logo, or branding your company from the ground up, posters, social media posts, adverts, visuals for a conference presentation or vinyls for a conference room… it can be done!


Why choose RKB Design?


I’m pretty qualified.

My B.A Visual Arts was achieved with a 2:1 average and I achieved my Diploma of Graphic Design with First Class Honours.

I have a wide variety of experience.

I have been part of an in house design team, part of a design agency, the studio manager, the guy that sweeps the floors, the one that answers the phones on the front desk and they that is stuck out the back and told to get on with it!
In short, all this has helped me see life and work from a lot of different perspectives & I recon that’s been good for me.┬áSafe to say I can work to a deadline and understand the demands business’s need to meet.

We can work together to get something you are excited to have, or you can give me a brief & let me get on with it myself. Either way, RKB Design won’t stop working until you are happy with the finished product.


While you’re here, have a look around…

I can talk about myself all I like, but a picture tells a thousand words right?


Like what you saw? get in touch?

If you have any questions or would like to have me look at designing something for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Thanks for visiting.


Rohan – Graphic Designer @┬áRKB Design


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